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Your Creative Flow

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Imagine finding your way home to the most radiant version of your creative self..


 This is for you if...

 ~You struggle with staying committed to your creative self

~You are always taking care of others and feel disconnected from your authentic soul

~You wrestle with getting out of your head and getting started

~You are ready to reconnect with your wildness

~ If you long to get back into the habit of self-expression for your mental, physical & spiritual self

~ If you want to be around inspiring energy

~ If you want to MAKE BIG ART

~ If you are looking for a tight-knit creative community to support you

~ If you want to feel yourself again

The experience begins October 5th.

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Your guide Sabrina..

Sabrina Ward Harrison is the creator of 5 groundbreaking  books; the first one, Spilling Open, was published when she was 23. She has gone onto publish, Brave on the Rocks, Messy Thrilling Life, The True and The Questions and The Story is Happening. Her singular aesthetic energy turned Harrison into the voice of a generation.Through her work, She's led thousands of people around the world- teaching them how to liberate themselves, reconnect with their creative voice, and discover themselves through art.

'My favorite way to lead you on this incredible journey of bringing for the most RADIANT version of yourself, is through art and creativity. It'll impact every aspect of your life- from personal fulfillment, to creative liberation, confidence in yourself, and anywhere you're open to letting the radiance come forth.

Whether you're an artist by trade or haven't tapped into your creativity in years, If you're ready to be led on a journey back home to yourself, get messy with art, and shine your radiant light with the world, I'm ready to lead the way!' xo Sabrina 

 Course begins October 5th and runs for 6 weeks

It will be a combination of live and pre-recored sessions and exercises

 Welcome Week|

Over the next 6 weeks we are going to get messy and true folks! --  You will work big and loose!  You will set yourself free!  So, this first week we will be gathering supplies. (I will be sharing what I use) We will begin to honor and create space for ourselves and this rich and immersive experience.



 Module 1| Trust the Unfolding

All about how to get yourself unstuck and out of your head so you can dive into your heart and your creative center!  We will quiet the external noise, loosen the muscles of your authentic spirit and deepen your journaling practice to bring forth the most exciting new creative work.



 Module 2| Creative Activation

STAY LOOSE and GET FREE! Together, we will explore ways to tap into creativity as a life force – an energy that can fill you up, especially when you feel low and depleted. The process begins with understanding the power of creative momentum.

Module 3| Life Palette Exploration

This phase is about learning how to trust your creative voice and the unique quality of your point of view. 

We will focus on photography, mixed media, combining elements with intention and heart. I will I share even more of my methodology and help you discover the colors of your life though color and memory. There's lot’s of  personal “ahhh~haa” moments in this creative phase.

 Module 4| Let Creativity Nourish You

You will bring forth what is within you in a way that feels exciting and deeply authentic.

You will tap into your creative abundance and learn mental tools and strategies that will help you cross that bridge into true creative confidence and liberation!

 Module 5| Bring Forth Your Most Radiant Self

This week we will focus on helping you bring forth all of this radiance within you, into this world around you.

 Lastly, how to build even more support in your creative life so you can thrive in your own One, True, FULL COLOR LIFE!  


I can't wait to get started, I'm in!

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I offer a 10 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied by the program, we will gladly refund you.

****Yummy BONUSES****

~Creative Resources~

Behind the scenes~ in the studio with Sabrina

Behind the Scenes Access

Sabrina welcomes you into her studio as she shows you how to transform your home environment into an adjustable studio space.

She will walk you through some of her personal work talking through the phases of creating the different mixed media artwork and choices she made with materials.

Creative Activation Live Studio Sessions

Live group studio sessions to help you loosen your heart muscles and support you to get out of your head and into your heart!

These will be held over Zoom on Thursday's at 4pm CST starting Oct. 7th-Nov.11th You can join live or watch the replay and work along side. Get ready to get LOOOSE! and FREEE!!

Writing Circle

This introvert-friendly writing circle will help to ignite your inner flame with small group writing sessions.

These sessions will held over Zoom and begin on Tuesday's starting Oct. 11th and run through Nov. 2nd. They will be at 3:30 CST. They are 30 minutes long and will be recorded. You always have the option to join live or follow along at your own pace at a later time xo

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Watch Allison Leigh share about her experience in Full Color Life 2020


"I’ve been lucky enough to take two in-person workshops with Sabrina. Both have been life-changing and self-empowering. I am so glad she is offering online workshops. It is a cost-effective opportunity to learn from Sabrina because you don’t have travel costs like airfare, hotel, meals out, rental car, etc... Sabrina’s workshops are not just about art techniques. Her workshops are about how to listen to your soul. Sabrina will help you unearth your unique voice and find the particular creative path that is only meant for you."

Jenny Messerle| 
Author of 'I am a Golden Buddha'

"Having such connection through Sabrina’s books for so many years, “growing up” Her presence was like meeting an old friend, someone who’d I had already cried with, seeked comfort in tough times, someone who without maybe being aware gave me permission long before I did. So as a teacher, guide, she did an amazing job to do exactly what she set out to do, to inspire us, while connecting on a deeper level and helping me make what I most needed to find; trusting our own individual process."

Bianca Di Paolo| Montessori Teacher
Full Color Life Alumni

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Do you have questions?🎨

I have a feeling I know some of the questions going through your mind and heart (and I'm excited to answer!).😊☀️

Full Color Life is a serendipitous fit for you if...

  • You've been feeling a tug not only in your heart but in your soul to connect with yourself on a deeper level.
  • You've been searching for some time for a way to help you reach the more radiant version of YOU that lies just beyond where you're at right now.
  • It's your time to truly step into the  next level of your creative self expression and you are ready to feel inspired again.
I offer a 10 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied by the program, we will gladly refund you.

🎨☀️🎉More words from Full Color Life Alumni...

Full Color Life is a serendipitous fit for you if...


"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

~Marianne Williamson

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