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 You share your truth and help someone you may never meet in person feel less alone. The ripple effect of this service is endless 
  You're introduced as a published author on a podcast (or your own audiobook), impacting and inspiring hundreds or thousands (and still being an introvert)
  You're holding your finished book in your hands  You see your book on someone's coffee table, and you're beaming with pride that you did it!
You're a published author with a book that sings your song and leaves its legacy ✨ 

My name is Sabrina Ward Harrison, I am the creator of 5 books that have touched hearts and inspired creativity in people of every age and stage.

Over the past 2 decades, my books have found their way into modern curricula worldwide, from elementary schools to graduate design programs.

I am here to guide you through the process of bringing YOUR book into the world ‚ô•ÔłŹ


 6-Phase Virtual Creative Experience

Go at your own pace.

Here's how we'll get there:

Phase 1: 
Tap Into Artist's Mindset

Think of this phase as a treasure hunt in your life! From journals to artwork, quotes to fabrics ‚Äď we're gathering the elements that will become the heartbeat of your book journey. (many of which may never end up making it into the book, but be an inspiration to get the juices flowing) It's a scavenger hunt, an exploration of inspiration in every corner of your world.

Phase 2: 
Refine Your Vision & Get Inside Your Book

It's time to begin to refine the vision. I'll guide you through developing the themes of your book, drawing inspiration from my own experiences creating my first book, "Spilling Open." This phase is about aligning your creative vision with the type of book you want to create. 

Phase 3: 
Organize Your Book Content & Contain Your Creativity

Creativity can get messy (thank goodness)¬†In this phase, we'll discover effective ways to contain and organize your content. Harness the power of organization to prevent ideas from overwhelming your mind and space ‚Äď clarity and focus are your allies.

  • BONUS: learn how to shape stories for your readers
  • BONUS: get your copyright questions answered

Phase 4: 
Design; Photography & Surface Supplies

Design transforms. Dive into my world of design, where I'll share influences and insights. From incorporating text into photographs to innovative design techniques, you'll learn to create visually captivating spreads that grab your reader's attention.

Phase 5: 
Create; Spread Design, Layouts & Sequencing

Your book's emotional journey is key. We'll delve into the fundamentals of spread layout and design, focusing on sequencing and pacing. Learn to evoke emotions and keep your readers engaged from the first page to the last.

Phase 6: 
Publish Your Book:  Plan The Backbone of Your Book 

The grand finale! Discover the elements of the front matter and closing pages of your book. I'll guide you through the publishing process, demystifying what can seem like an intimidating world. Feel empowered by the latest cost-effective and high quality printing options. With step-by-step tutorials and resources, get ready for a smooth and empowered experience. 
Hold your book in your hands.

By embracing this six-phase approach, you're not just navigating the bookmaking journey; you're gaining clarity, support, and a clear pathway to success. Liberate empowers you to share your story, your message, and connect on a deeper level, opening doors to impactful opportunities.




‚úÖ Shape your story for your readers

~ Creating your unique story, take your readers on a journey. An essential training with writing coach Ann Sheybani so people never want to put your book down. 


‚úÖ Copyright Help from a lawyer

 What can I use in my book? A recorded Q&A interview with a copyright lawyer. 


✅ No Tech overwhelm 

Take your beautiful page spreads and line art and step by step learn how to get them on the computer and in Production mode! (Photoshop and inDesign are not required for this process, but some choose these programs. We have provided extra tutorials from published alumni who will walk you through their process) 


✅ The Art of Branding 

Discover how to tap into your unique strengths, personality, and skills to build a brand that makes you proud - and attracts the right people to your book. Get proven agency strategies that are DIY'd for easy implementation. With branding & marketing pro, Heather Campbell.  45 min presentation


✅ Video Marketing Magic:  How to Use Video to Get Raving Fans of Your Book

… even if you’re uncomfortable on camera and have never made a video before! With video expert and coach~ Michelle Lange  90 minute presentation and Q&A


✅ Craft Your Course Blueprint: Monetize Your Book

Turn your story into income. Learn to explore opportunities like courses and podcasts effortlessly. Enhance your impact, and seamlessly integrate your book into new streams of income and influence.


NOW is MY Time!

Lifetime Access to my 6-Phase Signature Book-Making Process:¬†each phase of this course builds on the next. Ditch the old publishing approach and¬†bring forth a book that sings with your authentic voice that you feel so proud to¬†share¬†in this world!¬†‚ú®ūüé®

Anchor Trainings

From tech to copyright, to branding... We got you covered! Liberate Alumni and invited experts join me to make your book-making process simple and stress-free!

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