Liberate Course

Make the Book you Most Want to Find, with Sabrina Ward Harrison. 

6 Weeks of Virtual in-studio time with Sabrina!

 Start date:  April 16th!

Get down and dirty in the studio with me and let's dive in and make your book happen. We'll be gathering twice a week for live sessions on Thursdays & Saturday's at 2pm CST.

I'll teach you everything I know from building the framework to refining your vision, spread design cohesion and mastering the execution, so that you can create a book that sings. You can go at your own pace. This will be raw and real. Come as you are. Everything will be recorded and our tribe will have a wonderful private facebook group where I'll guide you during the experience. 

This time more than ever, I believe it is so important to come together as a tribe, and I can't wait to be by your side through the process. 

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6 monthly group Q&A calls- over the 8 months following so that you get invaluable feedback,  can ask questions, stay connected and get your book born! 

 Shape your story for your readers~ Creating your unique story, take your readers on a journey. An essential training with writing coach Ann Sheybani so that people never want to put your book down. 

The Post-it Note Method. Simplified and organized to get your writing ready for spreads. Emily (@quietnoticing) shows you step by step how she did it with her book.  Emily Looman Liberate 2019- Author of Cartwheel in the Quiet 

Copyright Help??? What can I use in my book? A recorded q&a interview with copyright lawyer. 

No tech overwhelm. Take your beautiful spreads and step by step learn how to get them on the computer so you have a book! Production mode! By Susie Lafond-Liberate 2019—Author of An Unfinished Child

The Art of Marketing-  How do I get my work out there? How to build a solid - and effective - marketing foundation for your for your own unique awesomeness. With marketing pro Heather Campbell  

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