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I'm not much of a microphone kind of person. Nope! Not a  bellowing out my truth on TikTok, shouting from the rooftop on YouTube kind of gal. I'm more of a soul-to-soul one at, a time connection kind of person. 

I created Liberate so that you, possibly an introvert like myself, can create your most gorgeous book of truth-telling and gorgeous authenticity. I am offering a pathway for your voice to be brought forth in the world without yelling it from the rooftops....but rather, within the intimacy of your book...a way to share something from you that will live in the world authentically on its own...something that can touch lives and offer a breath of understanding and soul connection in the world without you. Trust me, that is introverted POWER right there, and it feels SO good.

 If you feel called to join me, I am here to guide you.

xo Sabrina


I am ready to leave my legacy!


You shared your truth and helped someone you may never meet in person feel less alone. The ripple effect of this service is endless. ♥️
✔️Being introduced as a published author on a podcast..or your own audiobook...impacting and inspiring hundreds or thousands (and still being an introvert😆🙌📚)
✔️Bringing further credibility to your personal brand and leading more high-end retreats or online courses where you create huge transformations for people!
✔️Holding your finished book in your hands, then seeing it on someone's coffee table, beaming with pride that you did it! You're a published author with a book that sings your song and leaves its legacy.

My name is Sabrina Ward Harrison, I am the creator of 5 books over the past 25 years that have touched hearts and inspired creativity in people of every age and stage. Over the past 2 decades, my books have found their way into modern curricula worldwide, from elementary schools to graduate design programs. I am here to guide you through the process.

💫📚What’s included📚💫

When you invest in Liberate Gold you will receive lifetime access to this

6 Phase signature book-making process and an exclusive coaching program:

 You will be guided and supported with lessons, coaching, inspiration, and resources to bring forth a book that sings with your authentic voice that you feel so proud to bring into this world!

Intimate Group | Liberate Gold is a small exclusive program limited to a rolling enrollment of 25 members per year | This is an intimate group where you can connect with fellow Liberate members at various phases of the process o share your work and your book-making journey, get the accountability you need to create consistently, as well as get feedback and just engage in conversation with creatives who understand what it's like to be on this quest to bring forth the book that’s within you. Of course, you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you need, this is an introvert-friendly program.
12 months of support and accountability | Not only will you have access to a supportive community but you'll also be supported directly by Sabrina and fellow mentors who will provide 1:1 feedback and support in our small group mentoring sessions.  From mindset to themes, design, and layout to specific techniques.  You have support to get you across the finish line...and, most importantly,  ENJOY THE PROCESS! Get ready for Creative Activation! :)
You will have lifetime access to the course and any future updates

🎉 EPIC mini training BONUSES! 🎉



Create your unique story and take your readers on an authentic, mesmerizing journey. An essential training with writing coach Ann Sheybani will help you shape a book that people never want to put down.
 Take your beautiful spreads and line art, and step by step, learn how to get them on the computer and adjust them in Canva, Photoshop, or InDesign. Production mode! By Susie Lafond-Liberate 2019—Author of An Unfinished Child How to Use InDesign for Pre-production - By Allison Davis Liberate 2019 Author of Altars of Light (Photoshop and InDesign are not required for this process, but some choose to use these programs. We have proven extra tutorials from published alumni who will walk you through their process)
 Discover how to untap your unique strengths and skills to build a brand that makes you proud - and attracts the right people to your book. Get proven agency strategies that are DIY'd for easy implementation. With branding & marketing pro-Heather Campbell. 45 min presentation 
How to Use Video to authentically Resonate with Your Book … even if you’re uncomfortable on camera and have never made a video before! With video expert and coach~ Michelle Lange 90 minute presentation and Q&A 

 Submit your work for bi-monthly reviews as well as Drop-in creative support sessions for 12 months with Sabrina and her mentoring team to offer invaluable feedback, stay connected, and support your process (These sessions will be 2-3x a month and rotate various days and times to accommodate EU, AU, and US time zones. They will always be available for replay). 


A 2022 Conversation with Liberate Authors Susie LaFond author of A Child Unfinished | Allison Davis author of Alters or Light | Allison Leigh, book in process | Stacy Stultz author of Navigating the Ruptures of Addiction | Tammy Hudgeon author Tender Brave Spirit


A Conversation with Lola York | Liberate 2022 Alumni


A Conversation with Renee Askew | Liberate Alumni 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to have a finished idea of what your book will be when we begin...(most people don't) that's part of the great journey in the course...

I would say about 20 minutes to 2 hours… it is built to be flexible taking into account our schedules.. Once inspired, the floodgates are open and hours could/will go by! ;) But, at the same time you aren't 'falling behind' if you take a month off. This is meant to be a customizable course for optimal results no matter the time frame or time zone.

The course investment will give you ☑️  Lifetime access to course content so you can take your time. 

Get ready to be inspired and transformed, truly.


☑️  You will have lifetime access to the course content and any future updates 📚✨

This is a mixed media and personal writing focused program, therefore this course is suited for  people with a passion for journaling, mixed media, an appreciation for design and some experience with collage.  

I didn't imagine this when I created Liberate, but -yes, yes, and yes! ! I have seen Liberate authors woking on all of these within the program, and they are so rich thematically and deep with content.

Absolutely! there are lot's of ways to approach your material. Some prefer primarily focus on the writing and perhaps incorporate some mixed media into the cover and chapter openers. There is no 'right way' to utilize LIBERATE! There are lot's of options. 📚🙌

Yes, you are just like me. I call this 'introverts unite' or 'introvert friendly'. So good to be around others who of are  similar spirit. 

We all get it in this circle.


Liberate brings together a global circle.I have welcomed students from Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, England, Canada, Japan, Millau, South Africa and more. I want to support you in bring your book into this world. If English is your 2nd language, or not, we are in this together! 

You will get immediate access to Liberate as soon as you sign up, so you can dive right into the yummy content and start bringing your book to life!


Feel free to send an email to us or DM to me on Instagram and me and my team will be happy to clarify anything for you. 

IG @sabrinawardharrison xoxo

A Conversation with Tammy Hudgeon | Liberate Alumni | Author of Tender Brave Spirit


"Over the last twenty years, I have watched Sabrina’s work influence the advertising industry in all sorts of unmistakeable ways. Everything from her elegant voice to her unique aesthetic and beautiful use of handwriting. She is a true pioneer. "

Scott Larson
Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

A conversation with Liberate alumni, Fanen Chiahemen, author of Never Make a Sound


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