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An in-depth creative experience with Sabrina Ward Harrison


Hello, I'm Sabrina Ward Harrison, the creator of 5 books that have touched hearts and inspired creativity in people of every age and stage.

Just like you, I had a yearning to get my book into the world. Now, over the past 20 years, I have taught courses on the spiritual and concrete practices that generate unique and beautiful artistic work. During this period, I have also mentored many aspiring artists, as well as men and women who wish to explore their creative potential. 

I want to guide you along the path to creating your own book—a book that reflects your inner world, your passion and your unleashed artistic ability. The book you will design will reflect—or even become--the book you would most want to find right now!  You don't have to do it alone.  

Let me help you make it happen!

Join me!

6 Phase In-depth virtual creative experience


✅ 6 Monthly Implementation Workshops-

Over the 8 months following so that you get invaluable feedback, stay connected and get your book born!  Group support to get you across the finish line. 


✅ Shape your story for your readers

~ Creating your unique story, take your readers on a journey. An essential training with writing coach Ann Sheybani so that people never want to put your book down. 


✅ Copyright Help from a lawyer

 What can I use in my book? A recorded q&a interview with copyright lawyer. 


✅ No Tech overwhelm 

Take your beautiful spreads and line art and step by step learn how to get them on the computer and adjust the in  Photoshop. Production mode! By Susie Lafond-Liberate 2019—Author of An Unfinished Child  How to Use InDesign for Pre-production - By Allison Davis Liberate 2019 Author of Altars of Light 

(Photoshop and inDesign are not required for this process, but some choose to use these programs. We have proved extra tutorials from published alumni who will walk you through their process) 


✅ The Art of Branding 

Discover how to untap your unique strengths, personality and skills to build a brand that makes you proud - and attracts the right people to your book. Get proven agency strategies that are DIY'd for easy implementation. With branding & marketing pro, Heather Campbell.  45 min presentation


✅ Video Marketing Magic:  How to Use Video to get Raving Fans of Your Book

… even if you’re uncomfortable on camera and have never made a video before! With video expert and coach~ Michelle Lange  90 minute presentation and Q&A


TOTAL VALUE of Bonuses $63oo.oo


The Liberate Perspective

A Conversation with Allison Leigh, Liberate 2020 Student


A Conversation with Stacy Stultz | Liberate 2020 Student | Author of Unraveling the Mother Knot


"I’ve been lucky enough to take two in-person workshops with Sabrina. Both have been life-changing and self-empowering. I am so glad she is offering Liberate. It is a cost-effective opportunity to learn from Sabrina because you don’t have travel costs like airfare, hotel, meals out, rental car, etc... Sabrina’s workshops are not just about art techniques. Her workshops are about how to listen to your soul. Sabrina will help you unearth your unique voice and find the particular creative path that is only meant for you."

Jenny Messerle
Author of 'I am a Golden Buddha'

"Part multi-disciplinary artist, part digital maven, and part best selling author; Sabrina Ward Harrison is a unicorn-like thought leader that will show you how to bravely be yourself...and find your own inner unicorn. Sabrina has 5 groundbreaking books under her belt and a total cult following, including A-List names you would be impressed by. But who needs to drop a name when you can just look at the integrity and longevity of her mark-making. Her distinctly recognizable visual style is one of a kind, and has been celebrated for over 2 decades. Harrison's mixed-media work pierces the heart, her in real life workshop opens the valves, and her online courses are her new secret weapon to help you get your creative ticker super pumping! Girlfriend has some serious chops. "

Annabel Linquist
Founder of Supercrush Social


✔️Your children's and children's children finding your book one day and being WOWed!!
✔️Being introduced as a published author ...speaking on stages and impacting hundreds or thousands (even getting paid for it!)
✔️Leading a high-end retreat, or course where you create big transformations for people!
✔️Establishing your authority and credibility to open doors where you want to go. 
✔️Holding your finished book in your hands, beaming with pride that you did it!. You're a published author with a beautiful book! 

A Peek inside...

Susie LaFond, A Child Unfinished, Liberate 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to have a finished idea of what your book will be when we begin..that's part of the journey in the course...

I would say about 2 hours each week. Although, once inspired, the floodgates are open and hours could/will go by! ;)

The course investment will give you

☑️  all course content will be downloadable so you can take your time. This is meant to be a customizable course for optimal results no matter the time frame or time zone.


☑️  All course content will be made available for downloadable so you can take your time.

The Experience Begins: March 9th (welcome session at 4pm CST) 2021 We will additionally have 6 weekly LIVE workshops on Tuesday's at 4pm CST.  All LIVE sessions are recorded and added into the portal. Thee calls with go through April. There is no pressure to be there live. JUST ADDED There will also be 8 additional LIVE SESSIONS on Thursday’s at 1pm and 4pm CST to provide easier involvement options for those overseas! These will run through mid April. After this we will move into 6 monthly implementation workshops over the 8 months following so that you get invaluable feedback, stay connected and get your book born!  Group support to get you across the finish line. 

This is a mixed media and personal writing focused program, therefore this course is suited for  people with a passion for mixed media, an appreciation for design and some experience with collage.

There is a 2 week money back guarantee once the course begins. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied by the program, we will gladly refund you.

Nope,  This course is well suited for you that are passionate about bringing your love for mixed media, text and imagery to life in badass book form.  

BookWright ! I am so happy with this program. Visually user friendly and the clarity and quality of the program is fantastic.  

This program for suited for Mac and PC (I use Mac)

There will be anchor trainings to walk you though step by step.

Access to Photoshop / lightroom is helpful, but not required.

Yes, you are just like me. I call this 'introverts unite' or 'introvert friendly'. So good to be around others who of are  similar spirit. 

We all get it in this circle.


Liberate brings together a global circle.I have welcomed students from Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, England, Canada, Japan, Milaou, South Africa and more. I want to support you in bring your book into this world. If English is your 2nd language, or not, we are in this together! 

"Sabrina teaches just as she creates art - from a place of utter authenticity, vulnerability, and strength. In most traditional classes, teachers are trying to communicate a technique from the outside and hoping their students can take that information and master specific tools or skills. Sabrina teaches from the inside out in a way that allows each artist/student to embody her teachings - to soak in the elements of them - that then evoke and can be expressed from within via each person’s unique creative process."

Ryan Gallo

I can help you make it happen

"Over the last twenty years, I have watched Sabrina’s work influence the advertising industry in all sorts of unmistakeable ways. Everything from her elegant voice to her unique aesthetic and beautiful use of handwriting. She is a true pioneer. "

Scott Larson
Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

There is a 2 week money back guarantee once the course begins. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied by the program, I will gladly refund you.

Now is your time

I can't wait to guide you as your mentor & bring you into the Liberate community so that you make the book you most want to find in the world!


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